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e-PDF To Text Converter 2.1

e-PDF To Text Converter 2.1: PDF To Text Converter can convert PDF file to Text file without acrobat Text files created by e-PDF To Text Converter can be DOS/Windows, Unix, or Mac compatible; 9. e-PDF To Text Converter supports extract text from encrypted PDF file and password protected documents; 10. e-PDF To Text Converter extracts hidden text layer from PDF file to text file; 11. e-PDF To Text Converter supports drag and drop of files; 12. e-PDF To Text Converter supports auto align text columns in table; 13. e-PDF To Text Converter supports "

PCL2Text - PCL to Text Custom Scripting 8.795: PCLTool SDK Option V - PCL to Text Custom Scripting for Text Extraction from PCL
PCL2Text - PCL to Text Custom Scripting 8.795

Text Custom Scripting for Text and Check Image Extraction from Legacy PCL. PCLTool SDK can extract text from applications that generate legacy or complex PCL print streams. It can quickly de-construct old style mainframe-generated bank statements with cancelled check images into text and individual TIFF images of each cancelled check image. With the dis-assembled statement text and image objects, you can use output management/mail optimization software

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KT Text Filters 5.2: Extract plain textual contents from numerous file types: DOC, PDF, XML, HTM, etc
KT Text Filters 5.2

Text Filters extract textual contents from numerous file types such as, DOC, RTF, HTM, HTML, PDF, XLS, XML, PPT, HLP, TXT, etc. Text extraction is provided into either plain text (trial version) or/and UNICODE (purchased version) and is normally required for information retrieval search engines such as, SSScanner of Kryloff Technologies. KT Text Filters perform text extraction at a tremendously high speed and are widely used as software components

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TEXTfromPDF 1.3.2: Easily extract the text content from PDF documents with TEXTfromPDF.
TEXTfromPDF 1.3.2

text content in PDF documents without requiring any Adobe product. The extracted content is saved to text files where it can be easily searched, archived, repurposed, and managed. A console version is included for script or batch file execution. What matters most to you? Speed or Accuracy? TEXTfromPDF offers both using multiple extraction engines optimized for different purposes. Need Speed? Boasting the fastest text extractor available on the market

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Gears.IFilterHelper 1.1.5: An excellent library for easy and fast text extraction in the .NET environment!
Gears.IFilterHelper 1.1.5

Gears.IFilterHelper greatly facilitates and expedites tasks related to extracting text from a variety of sources, from familiar Word documents to Adobe PDF files and much, much more. Being an affordable, simple and focused .NET library written in C#, Gears.IFilterHelper can be used for any .NET application, allowing you to start extracting text by adding just a few lines of code. Make sure you don`t miss Gears.IFiterHelper.

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Data Record Extractor 1.0

Extractor Extract data records from web and local text file. Data Record Extractor is a clever tool for extracting regular text to data records. It supports updating the page number and replacing query parameter in the URL with database field value, quite suites for extracting record from dynamic web pages, search results, text bits and more. Data Record Extractor supports text tag and regular expression two extraction methods, you can write the

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TextCaptureX 1.3

TextCaptureX is a COM library that allows screen text extraction in Windows applications.It is accessible from any COM aware programming languages. You can use it to extract text from any application that doesn`t provide communication API`s in order to feed another program. You can also use it to extract text from legacy systems, file directories, status bar messages, Windows error messages and more. TextCaptureX is not OCR based so it`s incredible

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